Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Coming my way.....

Exciting news.... although our plan for the extension has evaporated, thanks to a builder who left us in the lurch, we still have a plan to gain more room. Most especially to move my craft supplies out of the spare bedroom into its own little "home" --- ta da.....

This is what my new craft cabin will look like when it's delivered in about six weeks. It's 4m x 5m in size, with insulated roof and floor, laminated floor, double-glazing, combo air conditioner-heater, fully electric, and a 1m veranda the width of the building. Now this may look a bit plain, but I have plans for painting and landscaping. I've been combing the Internet to find some inspiration and have come up with LOTS. Just take a look at these:

To say I'm excited is an understatement. Maybe "obsessed" is even a fair statement: I've been looking at furniture (cabinets, shelves, islands, desks, etc.) for days, playing around with a name for my new playhouse, thinking up ideas for decorating, and more.

As for actual crafting.... well, lately I've not done a lot. I have lots of photos from a recent US holiday to see grandchildren, a holiday here in the UK, and lots more. I need to scrapbook as it's been ages since I've done any. Cards are so much easier and quicker to do, but I've got a new empty scrapbook album and some empty pages in other nearly-full albums. I'd also like to find some ideas for making some nice wall art for my new cabin. I've got several blank canvases, mostly smallish sizes.

All I can say right now is "watch this space"!


  1. How fab does that look. Cant wait to see piccies once you get it, decorate it and fill it with all your craft stuff

  2. Great! I'll be watching the progress with interest. :o)
    Sue x

  3. That's very exciting. A friend recently purchased one and she loves it