Saturday, 1 March 2014

March again

How quickly these months roll around. It's March again and I didn't do a single post in February. Even so, I've been very busy.

Moving ahead with Project Life, but struggling with the photos. The weather has been so bad to take photos and I'm not especially creative with ideas, either. I have a nice camera: Canon 550D but I haven't used it enough to even get familiar with all the settings! I found a fantastic video here on YouTube and learned a lot just watching it. I ordered a new close-up filter for my camera, but haven't actually used it yet except for one outdoor shot on a very windy day.

Not exactly spectacular results! Can you tell what it is? (Stem on a rose and these are the thorns)  Focus is bad, lighting is bad, and frankly it was so windy I could hardly stand up to get the shot. I gave up. I read some reviews of this filter and they were all very favorable, but they did say it takes a bit of work to get up to speed with it. I think I may join a local camera club for some tips and inspiration.

Also this month I've been fighting with my PC. Generally every evening when I go to bed, I don't turn off the power, I just put it to "Sleep". Lately it won't wake up. I have to power on and off twice to get it to wake up and be useable. Aside from the frustration, I've been filled with dread that one of these days it's just not going to wake up at all. So I guess I'll need to start scouting around for a new system. I don't mind getting a new computer, but I really hate the thought of transferring all my files over. That takes hours and hours. I do back up, but of course not every day. I'm living in fear now......

Yesterday I went to the Make-It Show in Farnborough. This year they combined it with the Knit and Stitch Show, so together they made a very big show! I drove and brought three of my crafty mates with me for a lovely day out. We all "shopped til we dropped" and had a good time, but I was really tired by the time we got home. At the show, I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a lot of Project Life supplies, so really that's about all I bought other than some Washi tape. I have enough paper already that if I made cards and scrapbooks every day for the rest of my life, I wouldn't be able to use it all! I've got a self-imposed ban now on buying any more supplies other than things like glue, which does get used up, and a few Project Life things. Even those have to come to a halt for awhile as I'm not using them up as quickly as I can.

So today, I'm off to play with my new supplies and finish my February PL layout. And maybe do some laundry and a little housework?

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