Wednesday, 7 May 2014

No Excuses

Yes, I know it’s been a long time between posts and yes, I’m sorry. A lot has happened (illness, injury, holiday, dead computer so a new computer, getting used to Windows 8.1, life….) but I’m not making any excuses this time. I can only do what I can do.

Yes, I’m rocking on with this Project Life and loving it more all the time. I’ve found great resources on Pinterest, Facebook, and the Internet in general. It seems that Project Life is becoming more and more popular all the time. I often go to look at UK Scrappers, Two Peas in a Bucket, and SplitCoast Stampers. All of them have lots of threads, or even a separate section, for those of us into Project Life. We’re sometimes knows as “PLers” for short.

I haven’t tried making my own cards yet, partly because I haven’t had time, but also because I went a bit mad and bought so many that I will be years using all the ones I have. The biggest problem right now is organizing them in any kind of meaningful system.


I took this picture at our crop yesterday. As you can see, my 3x4” cards are in one small plastic box on the upper left corner. The 4x6” cards are in another plastic box (in the middle of the picture). I got these handy little R.U.B.-brand boxes at Staples, 2 for £5. Not perfect for permanent storage but great for taking to a crop.

I’ve converted at least one of my crop buddies into a PLer. She’s doing a Baby Girl album for her new grand-daughter and having a great time with it.


One of the great  things about our “crop” is that everyone feels free to do her own thing. We’ve been meeting monthly for at least 7 years now and over the years have had our scrapbooking enthusiasm kind of wax and wane and even morph into other areas. Hazel, on the extreme left, is sewing a Christmas wall hanging (yes, in April!). Barbara, second from left, is primarily a cardmaker. She’s in much demand at shows as a demonstrator and has done the card below. Next is Andrea, who is mostly a scrapbooker but has now embraced the Project Life system for her new grand-daughter’s album. On the right is Diane, who is mostly a traditional scrapbooker. Here she’s working on a holiday scrapbook. The empty spot is where I was sitting. We have one other member who wasn’t able to come this week.

IMG_0454 This is Barbara’s pull-out card. She likes making very intricate and creative cards. If you’d like to see more of them, her blog is Art in My Soul. She’s done some really stunning cards. It takes a special, very patient person to do this level of intricacy, which is why I don’t try. In fact, going from traditional scrapbooking and cardmaking to the more streamlined Project Life gives testament to how much “fuss” I’m willing to do!

Next time I’ll share some of my PL layouts. Meanwhile I have two more blogs to update: our WI blog and a new one I started for photography: Life Through a Cracked Lens (for lack of a more creative title). My problem is that I have TOO MANY interests and not enough time to pursue any of them well. I have a feeling I’m not the only one, however, who feels this way. Am I right?

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