Saturday, 7 February 2015

Whew….where has the time gone?!

It’s been such a long time since I did any blogging, but today on UKScrappers I noticed that the BlogBits is back on the homepage and the Blog-a-thon is still moving along. BlogBits is info and updates on various scrappers blogs. It’s a really good way to keep up with some great blogs. And the Blog-a-thon allows all UKS members to post that they’ve updated their blogs and to give a little quick summary of what they’ve updated. So here am I….

Also, I haven’t really done much crafting for about a year. I don’t know why, really, except that I have so many other things occupying my time now: book club, Women’s Institute (I do our WI blog plus contribute to our WI website), church (we have a weekly study group), the bowls club, and more. Just in the past week or so, however, I’ve felt “the stirrings” again. I’m in the mood to do some card making, some sewing (especially patchwork items), and to bring my Project Life album up to date.

Part of the problem is my craft “room” (actually craft cabin) at the end of the garden. It’s just such an effort to make the trip to the end of the garden when it’s cold and/or dark, plus I’m like a grumpy bear in the winter…I just want to hibernate until it’s over. In the Spring and Summer, however, it’s just delightful to work out there. In fact, on hot days it’s downright wonderful because it’s air conditioned. It’s also heated in the winter and autumn, but still a bit drafty (that’s the way we spell it in the US) and cold when we’ve had the bitter cold winds we’ve had this winter. Yesterday, however, I bought a rug so I hope it will help.

20150207_130809This is the pattern… a nice neutral colour but modern-looking pattern. It’s got a nice flat weave, perfect for someplace like a craft room where I’ll be cutting paper, etc. You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

I also wanted something on the laminate floor because I have two exercise DVDs, just bought a gym mat, and also pulled my yoga mat and dumbells out of the loft. Ahem… we shall see how that little inspiration progresses, however. I wouldn’t hold my breath, if I were you.

Once we laid the rug (bought locally and not expensive), I felt like a reorganization (another US spelling…just seems better to me!) was necessary, so I started moving things around and trying to make it look more spacious, plus leaving room for me to flop around on the floor doing exercises, assuming that will EVER happen, of course. Anyway, I think I’ve just about finished and am pleased with the results. The pictures below show the arrangement with the new rug on the floor.

20150207_125925 20150207_125949 20150207_130039

My cabin is 5m by 4m, so it’s quite large. It seems a real shame that I haven’t used it more than I have. For this reason, I’ve added a little sewing area and an office area (for my WI work, various paperwork, and study).

Maybe now I’ll be more willing to make the trek out to the end of the garden. At least now we’ve got daylight hours increasing, which also helps. And on the rare occasions when the sun does come out, I love to sit near the window and look out onto our garden.



  1. I WAS thinking of turning our garage into a craft room last Summer and one of the reasons ( there were many) that I didnt go ahead was because of Winter. I always want to hibernate and hide away. I am sure I wouldnt bother going out to craft. I am sitting here in my nighty this morning at my PC with my craft struff all about me - easier to pick something up here. Your cabin does look wonderful and cosy though. And I bet you still have a dining room too :)

  2. Ah hun the cabin is lovely, you need to make sure you are toasty warm down there, go with a plan of what you want to achieve and go for it and then you need to take a flask of coffee or hot chocolate and then get creating - it's a fabulous space, I craft in my TV room and so I've got limited space but I make it work for me - I hope you get crafting soon! Hugs