Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Well, what's a year?

A year since I posted last???? What is going on? Well, frankly, not much. Certainly not much to write about!

This year I've concentrated on sewing, mostly small projects. I've made doll clothes for a granddaughter:

I've made a few things to wear:

And lots of odds and ends, but the most recent is a bible cover:

I could not find a good pattern for this, so I made my own. I needed the pocket on the front to hold my markers (yes, I do often mark in my bible) and some bookmarks. Then I attempted a bread basket, but I'm not at all satisfied with this. It's too shallow and floppy. I'm planning to re-do the corners to make them deeper.

And the handiest things are my pattern weights. I love them and had fun doing them. They're filled with rice to give them the proper weight.

So I'm not going to make any grand predictions about posting more often. I thought about quitting altogether because I'm not sure anyone ever reads this blog, but I'll carry on for myself as a record if nothing else. 

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