Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Parkinson’s Law revised

Parkinson’s law says “work expands to fit the time available” but I’d like to revise that to say “stash expands to fit the space available”! Honestly, I don’t know where all my craft supplies have been hiding, but I’ve never seen so much “stuff” in all my life. No wonder I lost my mojo… everything was crammed so tight that I didn’t even know what I had, much less where it was! Moving to the new studio has been an eye-opening (and eye-watering) experience. I feel really excited again, BUT friends, please listen: DO NOT let me buy another sheet of paper, another stamp, another pot of paint, or anything else from a craft shop for at least five years. Seriously, I have more supplies that I can probably use in my lifetime.

Well, here we go with some photos of the new studio (I’m calling it “studio” instead of “cabin” now). First is my sweet husband assembling the new Ikea Expedit shelves, with the help of his faithful companion.

So I now have two Expedit 4x4 shelves, one Expedit 4x2 shelf, an Ikea trolley, and two (old) worktables, not to mention all the plastic drawers I already had. For the Ikea Expedit shelves I bought five drawers and five slide in boxes. This is the way the studio looked as I just dumped things in.


And there’s still LOTS more in the house left to bring out. Never mind…. I did at least have enough to play with, since I was really chomping at the bit to get started. I had a chipboard chest that I knew I could use, so I covered it with some patterned  paper. I used Simple Stories “Summertime” and a sheet from “Portobello” (can’t remember who makes that). I think it turned out pretty cute.

So poor hubby is now building steps up to the decking for the cabin. It’s supposed to rain this afternoon, so he’ll build some shelves maybe, when he has to go inside. Really, he’s been wonderful about doing all the hard labour. I just can’t wait to get things DONE! I’ve found some red gingham curtains and red lampshades for my little studio, too.


Woo hoo…. I’m having fun now!


  1. Wow, it looks lovely, been calling back every day since you last posted as I was eager to see the inside results. You've so much space, can't wait to see more updates.

  2. Wow!What a fabulous crafting space. I'm so jealous!

  3. in the words of my daughter ...wel jel!! Looking wondeful

  4. Yup, another wel jel scrapper here. Wow - I love your studio and the papers you choose for your chipboard chest are prefect! I'm off to see if you have photos of the outside... xx